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My Life (xD *lol*)

My Life consists of J-Rock,Japan,Games,Problems,Family & Friends =D

27 April 1990
ひかり の てんし です!
I love J-Rock *~* and Japan xD (My biggest dream is to go there once in my life x3)
I like little bit of J-Pop too, now also K-Pop. xD
My fave Games are Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts. *~*
I love reading Mangas & watching Animes and J-Doramas/K-Doramas, K-/J-Movies!!! *~*
In my Journal I write about my Everyday-Life.
Friends only, ne. ;D
So, IF you want to be on my friends list: TALK TO ME FIRST PER MESSAGES!!
I won't accept people, who i don't know.

I'm known as Sugar-San in some Forums. ;D
And i use MySpace. xD
Now i also use Ameblo. *haha*